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Latvian Transatlantic Organisation (LATO), address: 13 Alberta Street, Rīga, Latvia, (hereinafter “Organiser”) respect and value your privacy. Organisers have designed Privacy Policy to inform you on how Organisers collect and process your personal information (further “Personal Data") that you have provided.

The Privacy Policy applies to you when you have submitted your Personal Data in the registration form (hereinafter “Registration Form”) in the internet – based platform and when you use the application “The Riga Conference” (further “Application”) as a participant, media representative or as a speaker / moderator to attend The Rīga Conference (further “Conference") organised by the Organiser.


For what purposes is your Personal Data being collected and processed by the Organiser?

A) Registration and attendance

For you to be able to register and attend the Conference, the Organiser processes your Personal Data obtained via the Registration Form for identification and registration purposes. Personal Data processing is required for Organiser to take the necessary steps prior to entering into a contact on the attendance of the Conference and for the performance of contractual relations established between you and Organisers.

If you choose to use the Application your Personal Data are processed in the Application for the purpose to provide you with information on the Conference on your mobile device, which is based on Organiser legitimate interest to foster the Conference’s attendance and provide easily accessible and convenient form of information exchange. If you choose, you can inform other participants about your attending the Conference and can connect with them in the Application.

If you prefer you can inform Organiser about your dietary preferences via Registration Form. Organisers will use this information to accommodate, as far as possible and reasonable, the relevant requests. This Personal Data processing is based on Organiser wish to as far as possible increase the level of participant wellbeing.

B) Speaker and Moderator information

If you are Speaker or Moderator at the Conference, Organiser your Personal Data will be used for the performance of contractual relations between you and Organiser. For you to be able to register to an event and attend, your Personal Data are collected from the Registration Form and processed also in the Application. Your Personal Data is also made publicly available for marketing and informative purposes at Organiser and the Conference websites (,, the Application, social network profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and Conference’s printed materials (agenda, booklets).

C) Photography and video

The Organiser takes photographs and video material at the Conference and use this material in the Conference website (, and the Organiser’s social network profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Flickr) for Organiser’s legitimate interest to enhance awareness of the Conference. If you are not comfortable with any materials containing your image, you can inform the Organiser accordingly who will refrain from using such image in the future.

D) Travel and stay

If you are staying in one of the Conference’s partner hotels, Organisers obtain additional Personal Data for the purpose to organise your travel between the local airport, the Conference venues and hotel.


What type of Personal Data the Organisers collects and processes?

A) For registration and attendance, the Organisers process Personal Data:

  • Prefix or rank;
  • First and last name;
  • E-mail address;
  • Phone number;
  • Institution or Media outlet;
  • Position;
  • Country;
  • Your photography (to be used in Conference webpage, Application and badges)
  • Travel details and hotel (to be used for ensuring local transportation from Organiser side);
  • Optionally – food preferences;


B) Speaker and Moderator information at Organiser’s and the Conference websites (, the Application, Social network profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and printed materials may include such Personal Data:

  • Prefix or rank;
  • First and last name;
  • Represented institution or workplace;
  • Biography and publicity photo.

During the Conference the Organiser take photographs and video material and you as a participant or media representative may appear on such materials which are published on the Organiser’s and the Conference’s webpage (, and social network profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

For newsletters and notifications, the Organiser use your first, last name and e-mail address to send you newsletters and notifications about the Conference.

Third party access to your Personal Data and data transfers

When you register for the Conference via Registration Form or use the Application “The Riga Conference” your Personal Data provided in the Registration Form is processed by the Organiser (by the definition of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - data processing controller) and the Registration Form service provider (data processor - REGISTRATION.LV Ltd.), which is located and processes Personal Data inside of EU/EEZ and processing is subject to measures that provide protection as provided by data privacy laws in the EU. Data processor processes Personal Data only according to controller’s instructions and have assigned a Data Protection Officer, certified by national data protection supervisor of Latvia. Please contact us if you require additional information on your personal data processing.

Data processor:

SIA "" ;
Registration number:  40103926754;
Address: Ludzas iela 56-46, Riga, LV-1003, Latvia;
Mail: [email protected];
Phone: +371 20150104

Furthermore, the use of Personal Data collected by SIA "", through the Registration Form and the Application is strictly limited to the purpose of providing the Registration Form and the Application service for the Organiser.

Organiser on occasion might be obliged to share your Personal Data with public institutions, officials and bodies under local laws and regulations and/or upon their request. Organisers generally do not share your information with third parties, but in the limited cases when it is needed, Organiser does make sure there is legitimate basis to do so (i.e. legal obligations or your explicit consent).

Organiser may share or transfer your Personal Data if you are a Speaker or Moderator at the Conference for accommodation and travel purposes. In these cases, Organiser may share your Personal Data only with the flight and travel agencies, hotels and travel related service providers and only when Organiser is confident that such processing is subjected to measures that provide an equivalent level of protection as provided by data privacy laws in the EU.

Organiser is obliged to provide you with detailed information on your Personal Data recipients if you request so. You can file such request by contacting Organiser (contact information available below).


For how long does Organiser keeps your Personal Data?

Organiser only retain your Personal Data as long as necessary for the purposes this Personal Data was collected for.

Participant and media representative Personal Data provided for registration and attendance of the Conference (apart from Personal Data for sending newsletters if consented) are deleted 12 months after the last attended Conference organised by the Organiser. Organiser keeps registration and attendance data as long as the participant or media representative actively and regularly continues to register and attend further Conferences organised by the Organiser.

Photographs and videos of the Conference where participant or media representative Personal Data (e.g. First Name, Last Name, Position) may be included are retained and made publicly available at Organiser’s webpage (,, and social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube). You have the to object to such data processing and Organiser will do its best to respect your request.

Speaker and Moderator Personal Data provided for registration, attendance, travel and accommodation (apart from Personal Data for sending newsletters if consented) are deleted 12 months after the Conference has ended, excluding Personal Data in documents which must be stored for longer periods in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, or for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims.

Speaker and Moderator Personal Data, including data on education and experience, fields of expertise, publications, photographs and videos are made publicly available at Organiser’s webpage (,, and social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) and printed materials. You have the to object to such data processing and Organiser will do its best to respect your request.

Personal Data shared for receiving Organiser’s newsletters and notifications via e-mail are retained as long as you have not withdrawn your consent or unsubscribed, in such cases all your Personal Data processed for these purposes are immediately erased.


Your Personal Data protection rights

For Personal Data processing which is based on your consent which you can withdraw at any time. Withdrawal becomes effective for further Personal Data processing.


Furthermore you are entitled to such rights:

A) Right of access: You are entitled to know whether Organiser process your Personal Data and what Personal Data Organiser has, as well as you can inquire for more specific and detailed information about the processing carried out;

B) Right to rectification: the Organiser is under obligation to rectify inaccurate Personal Data and to complete incomplete Personal Data;

C) Right to erasure: the Organiser is obliged to erase your Personal Data upon your request and under certain circumstances;

D) Right to restriction of processing: the Organiser in some circumstances are required to restrict the use of your Personal Data upon your request;

E) Right to data portability: Under certain circumstances You have a right to receive the Personal Data the Organiser has on you, in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format;

F) Right to object: When the Organiser process your data based on its legitimate interest, you have a right to object to your Personal Data usage for such purposes. You can at any time object to use of your Personal Data for direct marketing purposes and the Organiser is obliged to cease to do so.

G) You have a right to lodge a complaint in the national data protection supervisory authority.


The Organiser’s contact information:

If you have any questions or requests related to the Privacy Policy or your Personal Data usage, please contact the Organiser:

Latvian Transatlantic Organisation (LATO)

13 Alberta Street, Rīga, LV – 1010, Latvia,

[email protected]


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